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Boost Your Android Development with ADB Idea Plugin


Are you an Android developer looking for ways to streamline your development workflow? Look no further than the ADB Idea plugin. This powerful plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA can significantly enhance your day-to-day Android development tasks. In this blog post, we will explore what ADB Idea does, how it works, and how it can benefit you as a developer.

What is ADB Idea?

ADB Idea, developed by Philippe Breault, is an essential plugin that seamlessly integrates with Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. It replaces the standard ADB commands with a user-friendly interface and convenient shortcuts, making it easier and faster to perform common tasks during Android development.

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Features and Functionality

ADB Idea provides a wide range of features to simplify your Android development process:

    • Quick Operations Popup: ADB Idea offers a Quick Operations Popup that provides shortcuts for common ADB commands. You can access this popup using the following shortcuts:
      • Mac OSX: Ctrl+Shift+A
      • Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A

      This feature allows you to quickly perform actions like uninstalling apps, killing apps, starting and restarting apps, and clearing app data.

    • Find Actions: With ADB Idea, you can use the "Find Actions" shortcut to quickly filter through ADB commands. Simply type "ADB" in the search box to find the desired command.

    • Menu Access: All ADB commands provided by ADB Idea can be accessed through the following menu: Tools -> Android -> ADB Idea. This menu provides a convenient way to access and execute various ADB commands.

    • Toolbar Integration: ADB Idea adds a set of ADB commands directly to the toolbar in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. This integration allows you to access common ADB operations without navigating through multiple menus.

ADB Idea provides the following additional ADB commands:

    • ADB Uninstall App

    • ADB Kill App

    • ADB Start App

    • ADB Restart App

    • ADB Clear App Data

    • ADB Clear App Data and Restart

    • ADB Start App With Debugger

    • ADB Restart App With Debugger

    • ADB Grant/Revoke Permissions

    • ADB Enable/Disable Wi-Fi

    • ADB Enable/Disable Mobile Data

How does ADB Idea work?

Once installed, ADB Idea seamlessly integrates with your IDE and replaces the standard ADB commands. It adds a set of commands to the toolbar and menu options, allowing you to perform tasks such as uninstalling apps, killing running apps, starting and restarting apps, clearing app data, granting or revoking permissions, enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, and enabling or disabling mobile data with ease.

ADB Idea simplifies your Android development workflow by eliminating the need to remember and type lengthy ADB commands manually. Instead, you can use the convenient shortcuts and user-friendly interface provided by the plugin.

Benefits of ADB Idea

ADB Idea offers several benefits that enhance your Android development experience:

    1. Increased Productivity: By providing convenient shortcuts and a user-friendly interface, ADB Idea speeds up common tasks, allowing you to focus more on coding and debugging your Android applications.

    1. Streamlined Workflow: With ADB Idea, you can perform ADB operations directly from your IDE, eliminating the need to switch to external tools or command-line interfaces. This streamlines your workflow and saves valuable time during development.

    1. Effortless Command Execution: The plugin simplifies the execution of ADB commands by providing intuitive shortcuts and menu options. You no longer need to memorize complex commands or manually type them in the terminal.

    1. Improved Debugging: ADB Idea allows you to quickly restart an app with the debugger attached, enabling smoother debugging sessions and efficient bug fixing.

Get ADB Idea

You can download and install ADB Idea directly from the JetBrains plugin repository within Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to Preferences/Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories.

    1. Search for "ADB Idea" and click on the installation button.

    1. Restart your IDE to activate the plugin.


The ADB Idea plugin is an indispensable tool for Android developers. By simplifying ADB commands, providing convenient shortcuts, and integrating seamlessly with Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, it significantly enhances your productivity and streamlines your Android development workflow. Say goodbye to manual typing and embrace a smoother and more efficient development experience with ADB Idea. Give it a try today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Reference: ADB Idea GitHub repository:

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